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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dedication to Japan. W.A.Mozart-Requiem,16-04-2011,Nat. Opera of Athens(photos)

Few days ago i posted about that event. The evening in National Opera of Athens was great! I enjoyed every note, melody and sad emotion that captured me. The National Opera's orchestra and chorus were magical. The maestro leaded as it should and became one with the rest of the members. Everyone performed very good and played their part beautifully. The chorus, who of course were the protagonists and had the biggest part, as every classical requiem, were amazing!
Unfortunately our seats were disappointing and didn't deserve the ticket's price! My friends were able to see only the 1/3 of the stage, orchestra and chorus. Even i who sat at a better seat by chance i could see the 2/3 of the stage and than only if a hugged a small column in front of me. Unacceptable!

Here is the only video i managed to record. It’s my favorite part of Mozart's Requiem, Lacrimosa. The feeling can't be described. It’s the best record i could do in a seat with bad view and misty eyes.

And here are some pictures that i manage to take inside the National Opera of Athens and the event

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