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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simon Patterson @ Ammos Club, Athens 15-01-2011

Date: 15/01/2011
Doors open : 23.30
Entrance : 15 €


Simon Patterson the DJ.... is one of the hottest properties in dance music right now. His creative offerings as a producer have captured audiences, bringing them willing with him along his musical adventure. From techy moods to edgey riffs, spin tingling melodies to driving basslines, Simon’s studio offspring’s of the past 12 months have raised his profile to see him become a much in-demand DJ, producer and remixer.

Signed exclusively to the hugely respected Spinnin' Records, Simon’s music has earned him massive support from industry leaders such as Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin van Burren, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules and Above & Beyond. With tracks such as F:16 (Nov 2006), Panic Attack / Strip Search (Apr 2007), Bulldozer / We’ll See (Sept 2007), attaining almost cult statues, coupled with widespread acclaim from the dance media.

However, it's when he’s behind the decks that the sound of Simon comes alive. With a style described as cutting edge, dark, driving, pulsating, Simon's technical ability is a finely tuned art that fuses trance with elements of techno and electronica. If you're stood on a dance floor when Patterson's behind the CDJ's you know who's in control, and the only thing you're likely to do is to dance and dance hard.

Moving from Belfast to London some 10 years ago his career has been punctuated with a wealth of experience in dance music. From working alongside Dave Lambert at top Universal dance label AM:PM, which led to him being approached by head A&R man Nick Halkes to work with him on his new Ministry Of Sound label – Incentive Records, he then went on to being the driving force in the engine rooms of two of the biggest shows on Radio 1, he utilised his finely tuned ear working as the tastemaker behind Seb Fontaine and Judge Jules' peak-time Saturday nighters.

Labelled by Mixmag in 2004 as 'One to Watch' for the future, Simon has since drawn on this knowledge, and with an unparallel passion for music, he has now thrust himself firmly at the forefront of the trance elite, and is firmly forging his own career as a prolific artist within his field.

In the past five years Simon has really clocked up the air miles, rocking some of the biggest parties on offer. His highlights are vast, and too lengthy to list, but here are a few. In Rotterdam, crowds of up to 500,000 witnessed the might of Simon Patterson, revellers that flock to the sun drenched dance Mecca that is Ibiza have experience his sound year in, year out, a huge tour of the far-east and an indoor festival in Russia where he gave 20,000 Muscovites a musical masterclass.

Behind the CDJ's Simon has graced the world stage at many prolific festivals such as Dance Valley, Sunrise, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, HI-FI, Planet Love, Monday Bar Cruise, Full on Ferry, Mexico Stadium, all the while delivering his sound to new audiences with frequent appearances throughout Asia, Australasia, Europe, North and South America. Whilst his club repertoire stands equally tall ranging from the likes of Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Turnmills, Slinky, Judgement Sunday, Passion, Escape, Koolwaters and Wildchild, where he has left the foundations of each of these clubs shaken to their very core.

Aside from his solo projects Simon was also one half of the massive Dogzilla with Richard Kayvan, which with just one tune shook up the trance scene in the 00’s. Picked by former world #1 DJ Paul van Dyk as his track of year, 'Without You' sent shockwaves throughout clubland finding phenomenal support along the way.

With their genre-defying productions, Dogzilla tracks became part of every top DJ's set list and still remains in doing so, from the early days of their eponymously titled debut, which featured in the cult Brit flick 'The Football Factory', right up to the massive 'Your Eyes' and 'Frozen', Dogzilla's music achieved an impressive foray on the modern day club scene.

However, 2008 saw Patterson depart from Dogzilla and go at it solo style. Although Dogzilla had been his passion for several years, he felt it was time to branch out and expand his own DJing and production work.

Regarded by M8 Magazine as 'one of the highlights of 2007', there is no doubt that Simon Patterson has 'big hitter' in his blood. With his foot firmly to the pedal as a producer, boasting a diary that reeks of big things, coupled with a desire that is second to none, world… better look out!

Tonight! Be there! 

New Spiderman with new protagonist. At Last!

Toby Maguire will be replaced AT LAST! It was a bad choice for such a great character as Peter Parker. I mean....come on , Maguire wasn’t even close to Peter Parker’s image. I don't know if Toby is a good actor, maybe he is, but this role on Spider-Man movies was definitely not for him.
So as we red, Andrew Garfield (relative of the cat???) is been chosen this time. We have seen his acting seeing in The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) and of course The Social Network (2010).
A first picture-teaser was found on the net and it seems like a good omen... Have a look ;)
Much better isn't it? Doesn't he look a better Peter Parker? In my opinion thats more like it :D
Lets hope that he will be good at his role too. But the most important of all is that we all hope for A BETTER SPIDER-MAN MOVIE THIS TIME! Please no more rapes on Spidey, no more crap movies like Spider-Man 3.
I guess we will have to wait till 2012 and see...Spider-Man Reboot (2012)

For infos, bio and nominations of Andrew Garfield : Wiki

Friday, January 14, 2011

Game On 2.0 Athens, Technopolis

Μια έκθεση διαφορετική από όλες τις άλλες, η διεθνούς φήμης έκθεση “GAME ON 2”, επισκέπτεται τη χώρα μας την Παρασκευή 16 Δεκεμβρίου στην «Τεχνόπολις» του Δήμου Αθηναίων για να λύσει όλες μας τις απορίες για την ιστορία και την εξέλιξη των video games αλλά και να μας μυήσει στον ψηφιακό κόσμο τους. Η πρωτότυπη αυτή έκθεση απολαμβάνει παγκόσμια αποδοχή, έχοντας ήδη προσελκύσει εκατομμύρια επισκέπτες σε μεγάλες πόλεις όπως η Μελβούρνη, το Λονδίνο, το Σιάτλ, το Τελ Αβίβ, το Σικάγο, το Ελσίνκι και το Εδιμβούργο.  
HGAME ON 2.0” δεν είναι μια απλή έκθεση για video games, αλλά ένα περιπετειώδες δια - δραστικό παιχνίδι για όλη την οικογένεια. Οι επισκέπτες έχουν τη δυνατότητα  να δουν και να γνωρίσουν την ιστορία των πιο δημοφιλή video games από τις αρχές του 60 έως σήμερα, σε υπολογιστές και σε κονσόλες (Atari, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega), να συνδέσουν το χθες με το σήμερα και να μάθουν τις τελευταίες τεχνολογικές εξελίξεις.

Τιμές Εισιτηρίων
Κανονικό: 10€
Παιδιά έως 12 ετών (τιμή κατ’ άτομο): 6€
Παιδιά άνω των 12 ετών και Φοιτητές : 8€
Οικογενειακό Εισιτήριο (τιμή κατ’ άτομο) : 7€
Ομαδικό: 8

Κανονικό: 14€
Παιδιά έως 12 ετών (τιμή κατ’ άτομο): 8€
Παιδιά άνω των 12 ετών και Φοιτητές : 10€
Οικογενειακό Εισιτήριο (τιμή κατ’ άτομο): 10€
Ομαδικό: 10

Περισσότερα :

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chamelot 3000 comicbooks. I catch em all!!!

I managed to collect all 12 issues of a great comic series. Back to the 80s i remember my self as a kid reading this comic.I loved it! Mammoth comics was publishing the series to Greece. parents (as most parents i guess), as the time passed, throw the old issues to the garbage :( Since then i always wanted to find them again. Thanx to Ebay i managed that! So there they are....

Camelot 3000 is an American twelve-issue comic book limited series written by Mike W. Barr and penciled by Brian Bolland. It was published by DC Comics from 1982 to 1985 as one of its first direct market projects, and as its first maxi-series.

The series follows the adventures of King Arthur, Merlin and the reincarnated Knights of the Round Table as they reemerge in an overpopulated future world of 3000 A.D. to fight off an alien invasion masterminded by Arthur's old nemesis, Morgan Le Fay. Fulfilling an ancient prophecy that he would return when England needs him most, Arthur is awakened accidentally from his resting place beneath Glastonbury Tor by a young archeology student, Tom Prentice, whom Arthur makes his squire and later a knight. The two of them travel to Stonehenge, where Merlin lies sorcerously trapped by the fae creature Nyneve, and awaken him to help them retrieve Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur.

Souce and more : Wiki

I would definitely suggest you to find or read them if you ever have the chance.

Radiant Historia coming in N. America on February 2011

After the new Dragon Quest another interesting J-RPG coming this year for Nintendo DS. Radiant Historia was released on November 3, 2010 in Japan and it will be in stores this February in N. America.
Radiant Historia is a Japanese-style RPG created, in part, by several of the key designers behind Radiata Stories. Set in the world of Vancool, the game has you playing as Stok, a spy with the intelligence agency of the nation of Alicetel. Your country is at war with neighboring Gran org, whose ruler Queen Protea is blamed for the drying of the land and a strange disease that turns people into sand. The game begins when Stok and his subordinates are sent into Gran org territory to rescue a captured spy. They end up getting caught themselves. Stok suffers a great injury and briefly enters the world of Historia, where he's given the ability to travel through time and space. You'll be using this ability as you play through Radiant Historia. The game has you traveling through time, and also through space as you switch off between parallel worlds.
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Atlus
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Exclusively on: Nintendo DS
Source: ING UK

The game's development team mostly consists of Atlus staff who previously worked on games like Persona 3, Strange Journey, Nocturne, and Etrian Odyssey games. The development team also includes other members who had previously worked on Radiata Stories. Yoko Shimomura of Kingdom Hearts fame composed the soundtrack.
The player will be using the ability to travel through time and space throughout the game. The player will be changing the past in order to create a “proper” future. The game has the player travel through time, and also through space as the player switch off between parallel worlds.

The enemies are visible on the fields before an engagement and the player may choose to fight or avoid them in open combat. A battle begins when the party comes into contact with the enemies, or if a story event initiates a confrontation.

The battle system makes use of a positioning system called the "Grid System." Enemies are placed on a 3 x 3 grid, with multiple enemies capable of standing in a single slot, and some large enemies spanning multiple slots. If the player attacks an enemy who's in a grid space near the attacking character, the enemy will incur greater damage.
However, the player will also be open to greater damage

Source: Wiki

As you see, Atlus will realese this game along with a free music CD bonus :D

Check some ingame screenshots, videos and characters

Atlus USA Trailer: Radiant Historia

Radiant Historia PREVIEW + Announcement


Game's official site: Radiant Historia
Atlus offcial site: 

Lets hope more good J-RPG will come on Nintendo DS :) 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Facebook is NOT closing after all. Surprised? Nooooot!!! :p

One more stupid rumor that spread on the internet....
“Most people would probably never believe such a load of old nonsense as the claim that Mark Zuckerberg is going to shut down Facebook, but it only takes a small proportion of people to think it might be possible to turn a joke of a news story into an internet hoax,” Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, told BBC's Maggie Shiels.
“And although a hoax is nothing like as bad as a piece of malware worming its away between users and stealing information, it’s still a nuisance, clogging up communications, increasing the overall level of spam and perhaps leading people to make decisions for the wrong reasons.
“There’s an important lesson here - don’t believe everything you read on the internet, and think twice before you pass a story on to your friends.”

SturmWind!Sega Dreamcast's New Game 2011

Heeeell yeah!!! Our beloved Dreamcast is still alive thanks to developers who never stopped producing videogames for a console that Sega's bad marketing and piracy ended his life 10 years ago. We really admire and be grateful to these people and small companies who are still, giving breath to Sega Dreamcast.
This time Redspotgames has announced a new shooter game name...SturmWind! I know, some of you will say "oh more 2d shooting game for a dead console". But this time its not totally true. 
Redspotgames did an AMAZING work on a 2000's console which proved that it's potentials were far better and innovating from any other console of its generation. SturmWind is a 2D shooting game with 3D back grounds, 16 levels, 20 impressive bosses, new system of trophies that unlock great extra stuff.
More details:
* 16 levels
* 3 selectable difficulty levels
* configurable controls
* adjustable screen position
* varied choice of weapons
* More than 20 large boss enemies
* Hundreds of different enemies
* FMV intro sequence
* Hybrid 2d/3d game engine
* Resolution of 640×480 pixels
* PAL50, PAL60, NTSC and VGA (with Adapter) compatible
* Region free
* Works with any MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast
* CDDA Sound
* Supports: Gamepad, Arcade Stick (Analog/Digital), VMU, Rumble Pack (configurable)
* Internet WEBcode Hiscore Tables
* Award Trophy System with unlockable content

I m not really a big shooting games fan (with some exceptions), but this game is a MUST for our Dreamcast collection for a lot of reasons.
Check some screenshots and videos
SturmWind official trailer

Redspotgames interview,1st Presentation Sturmwind for Dreamcast 2011 (subs by cast128dreams)

Off-air SturmWind stuff

More infos

Redspotgames: Twitter Facebook Flickr

Big thanx to cast128dreams for these great news in Retromaniax Greek Forum :)

Best Cry Ever....Collection.

I guess most of you internet freaks already know about the most famous cry on the internet.
Yeah, the crying guy from A & E show "Intervention". The real scene was touchy i guess but....have you checked how many hilarius parodies are made on youtube????
Ok, i know, i m becoming a heartless now....:p I'm not, really. But you have to admit that some of those parodies are very funny!!!!!
So i have collected some versions that made me cry....from laughing :p :p :p

Lost finale version (spoiler!!!)

Mr. Bean The Best Drummer In The World

Hilarious drum solo sketch from the one and only Rowan Atkinson.So funny!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Delicious Mozart chocolate!

Last week i had the chance (or bad luck coz is over) to taste a delicious chocolate from Austria. I wish i had the whole box! I took two so one manage to survive....for now :p
So here are 3 pictures of it. Mozart on a chocolate??? Double pleasure! If someone could send me a box or more i would really appreciate it :p

Fantastic 360 panoramic views in sightseeing

Few days ago i came across with three amazing websites that shows famous sightseeing around the world in 360 panoramic captures. It’s almost like being there with not much crowd around (god, how many times i wanted to take photos in places or rooms full of tourists that made that impossible!!!).
First check this great website which takes you virtually to famous sightseeing, monuments and cities around the world. Great work and many places in 360 panoramic! You will love it as i did

Another amazing website that i found is the Vatican's website. The 360 panoramic views inside the cathedrals and the chapels are shocking! Impressive work followed with chorus and arias at the background. You van almost touch Michelangelo’s paintings! Check EVERY corner of the cathedrals.

Do you love Paris as i do? Well check this 360 panoramic view. Breathtaking (DAMN, i miss Paris!)

Maybe i will post more 360 panoramic websites soon. Will see....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Best Wallpapers 2010 from National Geographic (not HQ)

Check some amazing (as always) wall papers from National geographic.
Unfortunately you can't have them in high quality (dimensions 600x450) :(
Too pity, but it really worth to see some amazing captures!

Link: best-wallpapers-2010

Is Facebook closing in the end of March?

Have you heard or red the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook creator) ?
Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the site has become too stressful. “Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office, “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”
Zuckerberg went on to explain that starting March 15th, users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts.
“After March 15th the whole website shuts down,” said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. “So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.”
Zuckerberg said that the decision to shut down Facebook was difficult, but that he does not think people will be upset.
“I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”
Some Facebook users were furious upon hearing the shocking news.
“What am I going to do without Facebook?” said Denise Bradshaw, a high school student from Indiana. “My life revolves around it. I’m on Facebook at least 10 hours a day. Now what am I going to do with all that free time?”
However, parents across the country have been experiencing a long anticipated sense of relief.
“I’m glad the Facebook nightmare is over,” said Jon Guttari, a single parent from Detroit. “Now my teenager’s face won’t be glued to a computer screen all day. Maybe I can even have a conversation with her.”
Those in the financial circuit are criticizing Zuckerberg for walking away from a multibillion dollar franchise. Facebook is currently ranked as one of the wealthiest businesses in the world, with economists estimating its value at around 7.9 billion.
But Zuckerberg remains unruffled by these accusations. He says he will stand by his decision to give Facebook the axe.
“I don’t care about the money,” said Zuckerberg. “I just want my old life back.”
The Facebook Corporation suggests that users remove all of their personal information from the website before March 15th. After that date, all photos, notes, links, and videos will be permanently erased.
Is it true, just another trick for popularity or rumors like the FBI's facebook-files??? Will have to wait and see...


10 Of Most Unusual Christmas Trees

I found in Do-While 10 amazing ideas how to make an unusual Christmas tree.
Some of these pictures can give great ideas and inspiration for next Christmas ;)

(first founder: LIFE)