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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skyline (2010) ....What a crap!!!

This movie is probably one of the worst movies i ever saw.Together with The Sorcerer's Apprentice both are the 2 worst movies of 2010 for sure, in my opinion.
I can't remember when was the last time I received such disappointment from such a promising movie!
Skyline is a movie which its trailer giving you big expectations and when you watch wish you had spent the ticket's price on a KFC meal :p

Nothing new, no interesting plot, imagination zero (except few nice scenes), and a true boring sci-fi story. Some scenes showing aliens VS the US army, some distractions that looked real and some good graphic effects are
the only good moments which can't save a movie. They are also scenes that we have already seen them in much better movies.
Anyway, my suggestion to anyone who thinks on going to see Skyline is....go see something else...or do something more enjoyable instead. You will regret it

Oh, by the way IMDB rates it.....4.5/10 in 17.666 votes, nuff said :p

Kenji Kawai - Cinema Symphony (Live Concert ) 2007

Ok, i guess most of you know who Kenji Kawai is. If not shame on you!!!! :p
If it happens to be an Anime (Japanese animation) fan you definitely know this Japanese composer. Kenji Kawai is a Japanese music composer, for motion pictures, anime movies, video games and televised programs. H is mostly known from his soundtracks on Anime like Ghost in the Shell, Avalon, Ranma 1/2, Patlabor etc and on movies like Ring, Ring 2, Dark Water, The Seven Swords etc.
Well last night i came across to this youtube video that made me breathless. Magical and amazing!!!

"Voyage to Avalon" from the movie "Avalon" by Mamoru Oshii. That amazing soprano is a polish singer named Elzbieta Towarnicka 
It's a part video from the Kenji Kawai concert in 2007. But i needed more information like hell! So with my friend's help i manage to discover that there is a DVD named Kenji Kawai Concert 2007 Cinema Symphony. And my god what a concert!
Here we can hear some of his best works from Ghost in the Shell, Death Note: Last Name, Patlabor, Mezame No Hakobune (you will definitely recognize that high pitched choir), Seven Swords, Ring, Running Wild and of course Avalon (the video i post above)
Check the track list of this awesome concert:

Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
Death Note: Last Name
Seven Swords
Battle of Wits
Running Wild
Red Spectacles
The Ring
Mezame No Hakobune a.k.a. 'Open Your Mind'

I really can't say more. You MUST see this concert. Its rare music experience!
If you want to know more of Kenji Kawai's biography and life check here and his official website 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Retro Amstrad CPC discs :)

Oh how i miss the days playing with my Amstrad CPC 664. The feeling of inserting the new disc that i bought or borrowed was great. Even if the game was a crap in the end :p
Well those days are too old and my Amstrad is a goner :( As a memory of all that is 12 discs that survived and found in the cellar :) Have a look of these. I guess Amstrad owners and retro computer fans will understand me ;)

4 original Amstrad CPC disc from Imagine, Loriciels, Microclub and Dynamic 

 And 8 discs with various games

Good old gaming days..... RIP my CPC 664... (this picture is not mine)