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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Throttler pres. Throttlercast Mix 001-A devastating Drum n Bass Mix!

I have shown my respects to Throttler many times from this blog. Well Steve is coming back with a great mix full of Throttler darkstep tracks and releases! Get ready because your speakers gonna get raped! Your room is gonna get shacked real good! The Greek destroyer gives us 20 devastating tracks in one mix (probably first time sharing on the net). 1 hour mix full of Drum n Bass and Darkstep nightmares! Big up my friend!

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Throttlercast mix 001
Throttler - Grief & Regret [EBDIGI 033]
Throttler - Feedback [ACR 011]
Throttler - Cinder [tba]
Throttler - Yellow Candles [tba]
Throttler - Threat Factory [Throttlercast 003]
Throttler - The Sentinel [tba]
Throttler - Pulverized [tba]
Throttler - Butterfly [tba]
Throttler - Compels You [tba]
Throttler & Lowbss - Fever (Liquid Mix) [dub]
Throttler & Lowbss - Fever (Dubstep Mix) [dub]
Throttler - Into The Roil [tba]
Throttler & Lowbss - No Harm VIP [tba]
Zardonic & Throttler & Lowbss - Hypnotized [BGRDMLP001]
Throttler - Blaze Thorn [FREAK Recordings forthcoming]
Throttler - Stalking Shadows [tba]
Throttler - Hunt Down [tba]
Throttler - Dark Shepherd [tba]
Throttler - Zero [EB Recs forthcoming]
Throttler - Wipeout [SSTDCD001]
Released by: Throttler Recordings 
Release/catalogue number: Throttlercast Mix001 

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