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Monday, October 22, 2012

Psy Trance Party - AmphidromiA pres. Martian Arts & Audioform, 27-10-12, Athens, Greece

Venue - 7 sins, At Themistokleous & Gamveta 5 Athens
Doors open - 00:00
Entrance - 6 euro
Οι amphidromiA σας προσκαλούν στο πρώτο τους Winter Season
Warm Up Party στο 7sins club (Θεμιστοκλέους & Γαμβέτα 5 Αθήνα).

Μετά το μοναδικό fest στα Βασιλικά Ευβοίας...καλωσορίζουμε το Φθινόπωρο με τον δικό μας τρόπο... γεμάτο Psy μουσικές, καλή διάθεση & super θετική ενέργεια...στο πρώτο απο μια σειρά events που θα ακολουθήσουν!!!
amphidromiA would like to invite you, to it's first Winter Season
warm up Party, we would like to welcome the Fall
with all of you at the venue 7 sins, At Themistokleous & Gamveta 5 Athens,with a diverse and various Psychedelic Sounds, which will be provided by 5 Djs', filling the atmosphere with mind freeing sounds and energy..... so dont miss out the first season party of many others coming your way brought to you by Amphidromia....( τὰ Ἀμφιδρόμια)

Xtra sound-decoration-video projector

Line up:
Martian Arts live act
(Neurobiotic / Mutagen / Goa productions)

Audioform live act
(Blacklite Records)

+ residents:

Miss Lina ( Life892 )

Dr. Insekt ( Predators)

Spiros Tsot ( Life892 )

Martian Arts ...

Nectarios Meidanis was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece. He is certified in Advanced MIDI implementation, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Advanced Acoustics, Hardware/Software Integration, Advanced Sound Design and Digital Signal Processing. He started making psychedelic trance in the Unison and Disco Hooligans project, producing and writing the music for all the Disco Hooligans tracks.
Two album's and a remix to Sheyba's Classic, Trance Africa Express on Canadian Ektoplazm, which have a combined of 50000+ downloads, 3 EPs on acclaimed Neurobiotic Records, an EP on HyperFlow Records and a bunch of remixes on Etnica, Deedrah, Pleiadians, Arkanoydz the project, as a duo, has been terminated.

He now makes psychedelic trance music as Martian Arts focusing on getting the good ol' vibe with new production techniques and has played in France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Russia and is currently collaborating with legendary UK group, ManMadeMan.

Audioform (a.k.a. pAn )...

... from his early days was involved in music. He played guitar , bass & keys in various bands with various music styles. From punk-rock , ska , hard-rock , metal , space-rock to blues & funk .
But it wasn’t until he had his first psychedelic experience back in the ‘00’s, when he was completely astonished by the magical textures & mind bending growly sounds that jump out of the speaker , tap you in the back , laugh at your face and then jump into the speaker again just to leave you wondering ‘‘WTF just happened ??!!?!’’…. that was it !! First synthesizers came in and a whole new world of sound & possibilities unfolded .
Ever since then he’s been locked up in the studio crafting his sound .
Now , after having released some tunes in Ovnimoon Records , and 2 Ep's on Blacklite Records ,(one under the Solid State Project moniker along with Psilocybian & one solo Ep as Audioform) , he is ready to unleash some serious tunage.
His music style is deep , mystical yet fresh……pure Psytrance on the way !

Nuff said , let the music speak..."

Dj Dr.Insekt

Dj Dr.Insekt is Stavros Kamenidis and he is one of the two members and founders of Predators project (Ovnimoon,Geomagnetic recs/GR).

He started djing in 1991 mixing different styles of music ,but psychedelic trance won him over several years after.

In January 2003 he & his brother Andreas created the project PREDATORS.They have released tracks in major labels such as Etnicanet,Kagdila,Geomagnetic,Ovnimoon,Warp Brain,Hinowa,SUN Project,Revolve & many others.Their debut album named 'COSMOS' released in November of 2008 by, the U.S. based record label with great success & many live p.a's & dj sets!Their 2nd album 'RADIO RELESCOPE' is out now from Ovnimoon records!Presently they are in the works on their 3rd album!Dr. Insekt is available and playing live dj sets on every Thursday @ 21.00 GR Time & also @ webradio in which you can find many of his sets.He studied sound engineering and movie editing and he is now working in both sectors while Producin music and djing.

Miss Lina

Lina (Powermix), is the first female radio producer and dj in the rave scene of Athens, playing mostly trance, hard trance, psytrance, drum & bass and breaks. Started as a radio producer with "Powermix" back in 1993 at the legendary LIFE FM, and since 1997 she was in BEAT FM, BLUE SKY, BLUE SKY TV FREE, RADIO 98 FM and nowdays at LIFE Her show is on air every Tuesday and Thursday 22:00-24:00, still playing drum & bass, psytrance and progressive psy. Being a well known dj and radio producer she has performed as Resident and Guest in the most famous dance stages, clubs in Athens and all over Greece, like: ALSOS, BATTERY, BERLIN, TESSERA, FACTORY, DOM, HORUS, DOMUS, LIQUID, AMFITHEATRO, CAMEL, SEVENTH HEAVEN, CITY GROOVE, MAD, X-MOVIE THEATER etc. Being a member of GIRLS IN THE JUNGLE, a drum & bass project, and also member of trance & psy-trance project called RIOT GIRLS. She is the founder of BASS SYNDICATE project and member of BREAKTONE project, with strictly drum & bass nuskool and oldskool music. She likes doing remixes of her favorite songs of 80's to breaks, and remains fanatic with vinyls as she still prefers to play with MK2 during her sets.


SPIROS TSOT (aka Spiros Gasteratos) was born in Athens in the late 70's!His journey in music started in the 90's with the world of electronic music!Then....Psychedelic trance came into his life!

In the beginning he got involved in parties and the music scene,collaborating in promotional activities with Sunrise Zone,Infinity and Amorphia, and this motivated and inspired him to start djing! since then he has played in several private parties broadcasting his style of Psychedelic trance!he currently has his own show @ every Weekend@ 20:00-22:00