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Friday, May 18, 2012

National Geographic - Photo of the day (May 18, 2012)

The magic of Nature and Sea! Amazing underwater stalagmite forest!

Dan's Cave, Abaco Island

Photograph by Wes C. Skiles, National Geographic
May 18, 2012

Dan's Cave, Abaco Island

This Month in Photo of the Day: Adventure and Exploration Photos
Following the guideline her life depends on, a diver threads the needle through a stalagmite forest in Dan's Cave on Abaco Island. A single, misplaced fin kick can shatter mineral formations tens of thousands of years old.

See more pictures from the August 2010 feature story "Deep Dark Secrets."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thank you Del Piero! Heart of Juve, Last Italian football legend!

Even that i m not really fan of italian football and their way of playing or thinking, i always had a sympathy and respect first on Juventus and then to Milan. But when it comes to Del Piero....what can i say?

What a player! What a striker! What an athlete! The last Cesar ... Alessandro Del Piero!!!

The world of football said "goodbye and thank you" to the last Italian football legend ... (Buffon, top 1 goalkeeper, Pirlo and Totti are great too but Del Piero is just above them)

Deli is not just the best italian player of Juventus and italian football ... Deli IS JUVENTUS. His magical moves and dribbles, his speed and his amazing way of scoring is something that Italy and world football will be missed. Amazing personality and true loyalty to his club and fans. Even when Juventus payed the unimaginable punishment due to the Calciopoli scandal, Del Piero announced that he would stay to the team in Serie B. While Zlatan Ibrahimović, Fabio Cannavaro, and Lilian Thuram abandon the club, Deli said that he will stay and that “The Agnelli family deserve this, as do the fans and the new directors.".... Like a true captain!
In the period 2006-2007 he and the rest the team fought and brought Juventus to its rightful Serie A. And he kept his promise! After 2 years Juve is Champion of Italy 2012 again and Europe welcomes them in Champions Leaque....but.....Its over for the captain....Alexandro Del Piero in the age of 38 decided to end his great carrier. And what a carrier....full of successes and awards :
Del Piero was named in the FIFA 100, a list of the 125 greatest living footballers selected by Pelé as a part of FIFA's centenary celebrations. Del Piero was also voted in the list of best European players for the past 50 years in the UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll. In the year 2000, Del Piero was the world's best-paid football player from salary, bonuses, and advertising revenue.

Along with three awards in Italy for gentlemanly conduct he has also won the Golden Foot award, which pertains to personality and playing ability.

Del Piero holds the all-time goalscoring record at Juventus. On 6 April 2008, Alessandro Del Piero became the all-time highest-capped Juventus player, ahead of Juventus legend Gaetano Scirea. As of May 2010, he is in eighth place in the UEFA Champions League all-time goalscorer records and joint fourth with Roberto Baggio within the Italian national team records.
    Serie A (6): 1994–95, 1996–97, 1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2011–12
    (also won 2004–05, 2005–06, removed from Juventus due to calciopoli)
    Serie B (1): 2006–2007
    Supercoppa Italiana (4): 1995, 1997, 2002, 2003
    Coppa Italia (1): 1994–95, Runner-up: 2001–02, 2003–04
    UEFA Champions League (1): 1995–96, Runner-up:1996-97, 1997-98, 2002-03
    UEFA Super Cup (1): 1996
    UEFA Intertoto Cup (1): 1999
    Intercontinental Cup (1): 1996


    FIFA World Cup (1): 2006
    UEFA Under-21 European Championship (2): 1994, 1996
    UEFA European Championship, Runner-up : 2000

    ESM Team of the Year (3): 1995–96, 1996–97, 1997–98
    Most Valuable Player Intercontinental Cup: 1996
    European Footballer of the Year Under-21: 1996
    UEFA Champions League Topscorer: 1997-98
    Best Loved Football Player: 2001, 2008
    FIFA 100
    Golden Foot to career: 2007
    Serie B - Topscorer: 2007 (20 goals)
    Scirea Award to career: 2008
    Oscar AIC – Italian Footballer ot the Year(2): 1998, 2008
    Serie A – Top Scorer: 2008 (21 goals)
    USSI Silver Ball: 2008
    Globe Soccer Award: 2011
    Oscar AIC - Award to Career: 2011

    Juventus All-Time Leading Scorer (290 goals)
    Juventus All-Time Leading Scorer Champions League (45)
    Juventus All-Time Leading Scorer UEFA Competitions (53)
    Juventus All-Time Leading Scorer International competitions (54)
    Juventus All-Time Leading Scorer in the Italian championships (181)
    Juventus All-Time Leading Scorer Italian Super Cup (3)
    Juventus All-Time appearances holder Serie A: (441)
    Juventus All-Time appearances holder in the UEFA club competitions: (115)
    Juventus All-Time appearances holder in international competitions: (120)
    Juventus All-Time appearances leader (700)
    Latest goal from kickoff in a FIFA World Cup match (121st minute)
    Most Participations in UEFA European Championships (4) (Tied with 5 others)

Sources and more infos : wikipedia

But enough of reading....just enjoy some of the magical moments that Del Piero gave us...

Alexandro Del Piero magical moves...

Alexandro Del Piero amazing goals... 

Finally some photos just to remember...

Thank you Alexandro....You will be in the elite of top players EVER!!! Italy and Juve will never find, make or create such a player as you! Good luck to whatever you chose to do ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bicycle stuff...Cheap, simple but working well...

Since i bought my bicycle i try to find cheap but good working stuff whenever i can. I believe that when it comes to simple things Ebay and Chinese sellers are the best for low price shopping. On the other hand when it comes to robbery protection we may need to give some more money. It's the only expensive accessory that i've bought till now. But still, since i've been robbed 3 times (third was a few days ago but luckily the thief is caught and my bicycle is safe), i suggest that it's better not to leave your bicycle outdoor, locked too long and out of your sight! 
Well...These are what i have bought till now :)

So, i found a pair of gloves (luckily in electric blue) in a big bazaar here in Athens in the great price of 2 euros. Same gloves can also be found on ebay in same price or if you prefer other style in low prices ebay is our friend (please note that this search for Greece in euros)

Next i found a great small frame front tube double pannier saddle bag (electric blue ofcourse :p ) on Ebay that cost me only 3 euros! Again, this accessory can be found here.
I was also thinking for a bigger one and this one looks good in a good price but i finally chose the small one. Check it if you want a bigger one.

Two months ago a bought a simple but great working bicycle pump with only 3.80 euros at a greek store called Jumbo (all Greeks love it for its too low prices :p ). And guess the color... Unfortunately i didn't manage to find this pump on Ebay or in that low price but there are many cheap bicycle pumps to choose. I can't tell you about the quality tho.

As i said above, when it comes to robbery protection the more money we can afford for one or more lockers the safer it is (noone can guarantee 100% tho. Especially me!). This time, Praktiker stores was my choice. Even that i may made a mistake (it's possible that i could find same or other locker in lower price) i'm satisfied with my Oxford chain locker. The price...24 euros....but i think is ok. Ofcourse everyone knows that chains can be cut so i can't feel totally safe. When i have to lock my bicycle somewhere outside, i prefer to lock it somewhere in sight or locked for a few minutes just for a quick "must do".

Last but not least ...lights. 
Prices on ebay are amazing! 2,5 euros for both front and back led lights. A small search on Ebay can show you various types of lights for 1-1,5 euros. It worths a try, i think!

Next accessories will definitely be a pair of tire mudguard, a better looking helmet (mine makes my head looks like a mushroom :p ) and a water bottle holder cage. I'm not sure how the helmet will look and it's quality tho...

So, i spent almost 36 euros for all these beautiful and well working accessories, i will give another 15-20 euros in time for the above and i think they all worth it. Other shops sells same stuff in high prices (probably in better quality and brands) but i'm satisfied with what i bought. And if something happen it would not be a big deal since i only gave few euros ;) (except the locker ofcourse). Think about it.... 

Making your bicycle handy and good looking it's great!!! Especially if you can do it with less money :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Ali Qoli Bathhouse in 360 D panoramic. Simply amazing!

This is another 360 D panoramic photo i saw recently and i really loved it! The Ali Qoli Bathhouse... Fantastic!

Panoramic photo by Ramin Dehdashti  Taken 11:33, 13/05/2009

This is an overview of Isfahan

History and Overview

Isfahan is located in central Iran, equidistant from the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. It sits on both the east-west and north-south trade routes which traverse the country.
Isfahan has artifacts dating back to the Paleolithic period, and written history going back to ancient Aspandana. At one time Isfahan was among the largest cities in the world.
It has twice been the capital city of Persia -- during the Parthian Empire and again in the sixteenth century Safavid dynasty. It was here that the Safavids declared Shi'a Islam to be the empire's official religion, one of the most important markers in Islamic history.
Modern day Isfahan has one of the largest steel mills in the region, an air force base and a major oil refinery. The art and architecture in Isfahan rival anything else in the world in terms of beauty and intricacy....

Source and more infos of this :

Also "take a tour" of this amazing place by exploring it through the other great 360D panoramic pictures of Ramin Dehdashti

by Ramin Dehdashti, 10 meters away   حمام های بزرگ و کوچک علی قلی آقا در محله بیدآباد اصفهان (مسجد سیدکنونی (توسط شخص علی قلی آقا از درب...
The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse

B: The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse 
by Ramin Dehdashti, 10 meters away
حمام های بزرگ و کوچک علی قلی آقا در محله بیدآباد اصفهان (مسجد سیدکنونی (توسط شخص علی قلی آقا از دربار...
The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse

C: The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse
by Ramin Dehdashti, 10 meters away
حمام های بزرگ و کوچک علی قلی آقا در محله بیدآباد اصفهان (مسجد سیدکنونی (توسط شخص علی قلی آقا از دربار...
The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse

D: The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse
by Ramin Dehdashti, 20 meters away
حمام های بزرگ و کوچک علی قلی آقا در محله بیدآباد اصفهان (مسجد سیدکنونی (توسط شخص علی قلی آقا از دربار...
The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse

E: The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse
by Ramin Dehdashti, 20 meters away
حمام های بزرگ و کوچک علی قلی آقا در محله بیدآباد اصفهان (مسجد سیدکنونی (توسط شخص علی قلی آقا از دربار...
The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse

F: Ali Gholi Agha Bathroom
by Fariborz Alagheband, 20 meters away
Ali Gholi Agha BathThis public bath was built by one of Shah Soleiman and Shah Soltan Hossein Safavi’...
Ali Gholi Agha Bathroom

G: The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse
by Ramin Dehdashti, 20 meters away
The entrance of the Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse.
The Ali Qoli Aqa Bathhouse

H: Saraye Badie
by Ramin Dehdashti, 290 meters away
Saraye Badie

I: Seyyed Mosque
by Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, 530 meters away
Seyyed Mosque

J: Seyyed Mosque
by Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, 540 meters away
Seyyed Mosque