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Friday, July 13, 2012

FrogenLeaf angles: Greek spirit

FrogenLeaf angles: Greek spirit: Here is an old shot (yes, pocket cam again :p) taken during my trip to Kos Island, Greece. I miss those days. Enjoy :) Greek spirit  (c...

Ray William Johnson. Last 2 week's episodes of =3 (5 episodes)!

Check out last 5 episodes of =3!

A Comment: I really wish those stupid kids that insult and made fun of that lady would get punish really bad! Like, their butts getting kicked so hard that they can't sit for a week maybe?

Spiderman?What the fuck are you doing here,get the back in my ass god damn it!!!

Aauugh, yaagghl, get to the choppa!

Hey! Don't come in to my pigpen and yell at me! I don't go at the whorehouse and yell at you!

Come ooon??? Penisdump????

If you want more of Ray check his channels:
=3 Channel
Facebook - raywilliamjohnson 
Facebook - UrFavoriteMartian

Agent Greg - Promo mix - January 2012 (Philosophy of Dance #014)

Greg knows how to uplift the dancefloors and he is one of the few Greek djs that really respect as a person and for his efforts. If you have the chance to visit Mykonos in summer i totally suggest you to go to any of his events (Resident DJ at Paradise club).
House music all night long! Keep it up Gregory ;)

Here is a nice promo mix:)
This is the cd i was giving out to all of my parties, named Philosophy of Dance #014. In case you missed it here is your free download!

More infos about Agent Greg

Thursday, July 12, 2012

FrogenLeaf angles: Rocks n water

FrogenLeaf angles: Rocks n water: Another old one from my Deviantart gallery! St. Mary's Lighthouse area. Whitley Bay, UK, 2006. With a friend's Sony pocket cam :p Rocks...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FrogenLeaf angles: Lake District - Keswick's Melancholy

My first selection....finally :p

FrogenLeaf angles: Lake District - Keswick's Melancholy: So this is my first selection. Back in 2006 when i had the chance to visit a magical village in UK called Keswick! An old shot with my Olym...

Dubstep-Breaks-Drum 'n Bass, 14.07.2012 @ Skullbar, Athens, Greece


Date : SAT 14.7.12

Line up:
mc Ahmed Ali
Boy Yoxoy

Free Entrance

Doors Open 23:00

l. Katsoni11 & Ippokratous from L. Alexandras av.
10 min. from Ampelokipoi Metro station

 Athens, Greece

Bicycle stuff...Cheap bottle holder.

Few weeks ago i gave you my suggestions for cheap and simple bicycle stuff that work well. And now i m suggesting you a cheap and well working bicycle bottle holder that i found few days ago. And some other cheap ones on Ebay. Check the one i bought  :)
Its from Jumbo stores (Athens, Greece) and it cost me 1,50 euros. It's really good! 
As you can see its very simple and its an aluminum holder. What i really like is that you can push or pull the holder's edges so that your bottle fits and be carried safely. I guess you understand that this should be done gently and not too often. I wish the bottom was little longer tho. But still, it holds the bottle great as you can see ;)
I have tasted it in town with the bottle full of water and some ice. Didn't have any problem at all. But to be honest i haven't tasted in rough and abnormal roads yet. But i still believe that it will be steady enough ;)

So, the weather here in Greece is tooooo hot now with temperature that reaches the unbearable (41 in middays and counting :( ) You MUST and definitely need to carry water with you while cycling in Greece or other countries that's too hot! For Greeks i think the Jumbo stores' solution is a great deal but ofcourse there is always your Ebay friend that has also some great deals. Something like this or maybe a nice one like this in very low prices. 
Before i bought mine i was almost in ordering this one . I love the blue one but if you prefer in green or red check this one.
Ofcourse the choices are too many on Ebay so you can make your decision in whatever shape, color and price like. For more bicycle bottle holders have a look here

Enjoy and keep cycling guys!!!! And take some water with you, its a MUST especially on cruel summers ;)