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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy birthday Sega Dreamcast!

In September, 9 1999 one of the greatest videogame console was born. Today our beloved console has become 13 years old.

No matter how bad her mother SEGA threat its child with terrible mistakes, no matter the bad and early ending, Sega Dreamcast will always be my favorite and best console ever (with millions of fans out there)! Luckily some homebrew and hero-companies like Redspotgames and NG:DEV.TEAM. (and others) are still keeping the console alive, proving that Sega Dreamcast was a high potential machine. So, i found an old photo that i took (yes my beauty) and i wish....Happy birthday and long live Dreamcast!!!

ERT Nat. Symphoinic Orchestra@Garden Theater, Athens,Greece

Photo by FrogenLeaf, 2012

On Friday the National Symphonic Orchestra of ERT (Hellenic Radio TV) gave a beautiful concert at Papagou's Garden Theater, here in Athens. Amazing classical anthems were beautifully played by the National Symphonic Orchestra which proved its reputation as one of the top orchestras in Greece.
The conductor Nikos Tsouhlos led the orchestra and the open theater filled with music of L.W. Beethoven, Gioachino Rossini, Franz Schubert, Ravel, Bizet, Edvard Grieg and Jean Sibelius. Unfortunately i didn't manage to find a center seat so i couldn't hear the orchestra in good balance at an open theater. When the music played in forte, brass instruments were covering the strings. I'm not sure if the reason was my seat position or that the strings were less for an orchestra with lots of brass instruments.
Anyway, i'm not much complaining because anthems were well played and after all it was a beautiful night full of classical music. The top moment of the night was Rossini's Barbiere di Siviglia. Great moment!

Here are some pictures of that night :)

photos by FrogenLeaf, 2012

I would like to write all the orchestra musicians' names in show of respect cause, for me, they are equal stars with soloists, singers and conductors

Phillipas Epaminondas

Violins A'
Salekova Irina
Strakosa Edlira
Lapatsanis Ioannis
Alti Soultana
Tziotis Ioannis
Stathakis Konstantinos
Prasidi Athanasia
Gratsias Anastasios
Selmani Migen
Tsolaki Georgia
Mpourantas Konstantinos
Panagiotidis Konstantinos

Violins B'
Panagiotopoulos Georgios
Zioga Vilma
Vardami Kiti
Stathaki Margarita
Kremmidas Georgios
Kiouloglou Charalampos
Filippas Fivos
Martzelis Vasilis
Zagourakis Nikos
Egiptiadis Ioannis
Koliothomas Christodoulos
Papagiannakis Dimitris
Tokarev Giaroslav

Samaras Artemios
Semsis Stamos
Dionisiou Kalliroi
Amarantidou Konstantina
Karafantis Evaggelos
Antahopoulou Konstantina
Tsinika Anna
Manias Antonis
Gitzios Charalampos
Giakoumis Georgios
Mavridis Alkiviadis

Lykos Vassilis
Demelenar Claire
Sfetsas Konstantinos
Laliotis Georgios
Pavlidis Ioannis
Mpakmanidi Olga
Mpotinis Alexandros
Mpassiou Marcella

Chalmoukis Pericles
Aslanidis Dimitrios
Zografos Evaggelos
Lazarou Theodoros
Chaidopoulou Elina
Mermigas Charilaos
Mironenko Alexandos

Mpilndea Maria

Makropodi-Mazaraki Maria
Makri Melina
Dimitratos Nikolaos
Tamagkos Zacharias

Flutes Piccolo
Dimitratos Nikos
Tarpagkos Zacharias

Savani Eleni
Kontos Spiridon
Kopsida Ekaterini
Desilla Charitini

English horn
Desilla Charitini

Karalis Mercurios
Ginos Christos
Critikos Spiridon

Bass Clarinet
Gkinos Christos

Clarinet Piccolo
Critikos Spiridon

Kalogeropoulos Theodoros
Priovolos Vassilis
Koularmanis Panagiotis

Lagos Antonios
Michael Georgios
Poulimenou Aggeliki
Anthi Eleni
Ventouras Emmanuil

Arkoudis Spiridon
Pepelas Sotirios

Krimperis Georgios
Alexandris Konstantinos
Zareas Georgios (guest appear)
Koussis Renato (guest appear)

Dessillas Dimitrios
Liatsos Christos

Diakogiorgis Michael
Kollias Fotios
Kontos Dimitrios

Conductor: Nikos Tsouhlos
Soloist: Apollon Grammatikopoulos

Soon i will upload the Rossini's Barbiere di Siviglia video