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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cheap Laptop-notebook cooler base.

Few weeks ago i received a cooler base that i found on Ebay in a great price. It looks great and working good! Here are some pictures of it...

I believe that one big fan in the middle is better than the three small fans versions that we find in most cheap cooler bases. Same for the good expensive bases, i guess (not sure tho). I use to have an other cheap cooler base with three fans (this one). After some time, every time i pressed front keyboard keys like "space", "v", "b", the middle fan was reaching the desk (or table etc) and blocked. I believe it should work much better on a laptop. Luckily my new one looks great, fits and works properly.

Its really silent and cooling! (but during the Greek summer's big heats i' m sure the cooler or any cooler will be useless :P )

I really like its shape and the hard transparent plastic which makes it very stable and fits nicely on notebooks. I believe is stable enough for laptops too but doesn't fit nicely on wide ones

This is how it looks on my notebook but that's nothing.....Check this out....

I really like the blue led light when the notebook turns on and works!

For its price (4.17euros, shipping to Greece) its a great buy and i believe it worths it if you don't want to spend a lot for a good expensive cooler base but also want to protect your notebook/laptop from overburns. I can't say the same for big laptops cause i m not 100% sure that this cooler is cool enough but i believe it is. I found and bought it here
Ofcourse you can find thousand of other cooler bases for notebooks or laptops, have a look on Ebay