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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The best Link (Zelda) action figure ever!!!

I'm shocked! This is the best action figure of Link (from Zelda game) i have ever seen! I want it like hell!!! But...€170 (US$220)??? A must buy for every true Zelda fan tho! Check it....

Destructoid is confident that you'd be willing to sell a kidney just to get your hands on this figurine of Link. We'll let you be the judge of whether it deserves the status of best Link figurine of all time, but it sure is up there.
This figurine is based on the Skyward Sword version of Link and comes to us from Medicoms Real Action Heroes line. He stands at a foot tall (30 cm or 12 inches to be precise) and isn't just a sculpture. No, this Link comes in real cloth, with extremely detailed chain mail and a range of accessories.
The accessories include the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, the Beetle and a bow and arrow. There is also a secondary face plate to change Link's expression, as in the image above. The figurine is slated to sell for €167 (¥20,790), which currently equates to just under €170 (US$220). This gem will be released in November, but pre-orders open this coming Sunday. Check out the full gallery of pictures below, and here is the original Japanese source.
Source : zeldainformer

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