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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tonight! Innersense pres the Upbeats (Vision/Virus/Non Vogue).+Disphonia, Cryogenics, Junior SP! Drum n Bass is here!

INNERSENSE productions hosts for the 1st time in Greece

THE U P B E A T S (Vision/Virus/Non Vogue)

DISPHONIA (Trust in Music / Mindtech / M-Atome)
CRYOGENICS ( Audio Theory / Boomsha Recordings)
JUNIOR SP. (Innersense)

Saturday 8 June 2013

at Bios, Pireos 84, Athens, Greece

Entrance Fee : 7 Euros / Beer : 3,5 Euros

Event Starts at 23:00 (Arrive Early and Support Your Local Artists)

Event's Facebook : Here
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THE UPBEATS (Vision/Virus/Non Vogue)

The Upbeats have already been playing the role of modern DJ/Rock Star for years. Their anything-goes live performances are renowned for mosh pits, topless dancers (sometimes women) and crowd surfing, while their approach to writing hard-hitting, unique-sounding drum & bass is lauded across the globe.

Fuelled by New Zealand’s isolation from the rest of the world and its staggering natural beauty, The Upbeats’ unique take on 170bpm+ bass music has seen the duo work alongside scene stalwarts such as Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company, Hive, Gridlock, Bulletproof, TREi, State of Mind and Noisia while releasing tracks across a plethora of the D&B scene’s most respected record labels.

Their latest album “Primitive Technique” is out on Noisia’s Vision Recordings and is hitting dancefloors hard receiving support from top dogs in Bass Culture.

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DISPHONIA (Trust in Music / Mindtech / M-Atome)

Disphonia is a Greek-based production/dj duo formed by Kostas Nomikos and George Roubinis.
Back in 2006 they discovered that they both share the same genuine passion for Drum & Bass and have a mutual love for creating tech-influenced sounds, raw and gritty bass-lines and deep soundscapes.Their main aim since then has been to strive to produce an ever-excelling output of fresh material.

Being a part of the Funxion Crew - a local event promoting and dj collective - they played a key role in presenting some of most established d&b acts to the Athens scene. During the past ten years Disphonia have performed with artists such as Optiv, Gridlok, BSE, Noisia and Calyx&Teebee, to name a few.

The year 2011 saw them with their first release 'November' on Mindtech Recording's "No Future" LP, followed by a further release "1987 Demons /Time Machine feat. Camelorg" - in conjunction with the acclaimed French duo,Kantyze, on Berlin's finest d&b label Trust In Music. In 2012, Disphonia brought out their second solo work 'Collapsed' on the French label M-atome, which had wide success and was supported by numerous Dj's like Dose and State of Mind and which has put them well on the map.Disphonia's successful collaboration with Kantyze continued with a new funk-fueled tune called 'Zig Zag' released on Trust In Music.
'Headfirst' came soon after and was picked up by the prolific SOM Music imprint and was featured in the Next Level podcast.

2013 found them with many shows around Europe whilst they had the chance to work with two influential artists within the scene, Dementia & Rregula on a track entitled "Hightimes" released on Full Force Recordings.The duo also tested their skills at a different tempo producing a dubstep track named "Envious Eyes", as part of a 4 track EP for the new promising bulgarian outlet Platform Music.

Having plenty of collaborations (w/ Dephzac, Allied, Ble3k and Safire), remixes and solo work in the pipeline, the duo is going from strength to strength and the bar is constantly being set higher.

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CRYOGENICS (Audio Theory Records / Boomsha Recordings)

Cryogenics began collecting vinyls at the age of 13. Breakbeat, Hardcore and hip hop were his first influences. At the age of 16 he tried to spin his records playing at school parties. At the age of 18 he tried to make his first tunes. In 1999 he met Requiem and some years later they started to organize their own nights in Athens.
2006 was the year that Cryogenics met Junior SP. and from that moment on they started to engage in music production more seriously. In 2010 he made his 1st release on Kraak Records [Commonwealth Soldiers EP].

Cryogenics is now running his own label (Audio Theory Records).
ATR is covering a wide spectrum of the electronic dance music from Breaks to Dubstep & Drum and Bass,
Since 2011 Cryogenics & Requiem host their own ‘Haunted Science’ radio show ( till today

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JUNIOR SP. (Innersense)

- DJ since 1992
- Promoter and resident DJ at the legendary “Infinity” parties based at the iconic club “Alsos” from 1994 until 1996
- Co-inspirer and promoter of Innersense events since 1996 and up until the present day
- Co-producer of the “Timeless Playground” LP alongside Milto Eph in 2005
- Co-owner of Earth Bar located at Psirri area, Athens between 2005 - 2009
- Executive producer and composer for Artemis’ (TXC – A/E) “Wolf-Shaped Lamb” in 2011
- Freelance production manager for Big Concerts/Festivals/Events

Has performed alongside international acts : 4 hero, Adam Freeland, Altern8, Blame, Blu Mar Ten, Bryan Gee, D-Bridge, Doc Scott, Fabio, Future Engineers, Goldie, Grooverider, Intense, J-Majik, Jori Hulkkonen’s Acid Symphony Orchestra, Kasra, Kid Loco, Klute, Kosheen, Liquid, LTJ Bukem, Makoto, Marcus Intalex, Mark Force (Bugz In The Attic), MC Conrad, MC Darrison, MC Deeizm, MC 2Shy, MixHell (Iggor Cavalera & Laima Leyton), Nookie, Nymfo, Phil Asher, Photek, Randall, Ray Keith, Rockwell, SKC, Shylo MC, Slipmaster J, Spectrasoul, Stamina MC, Tayla, The Prodigy, Total Science, Utah Jazz.