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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last episode of =3. Thank you Ray William Johnson for all these years!

Few weeks ago we heard Ray William Johnson announcing that sometime in this year he is going to retire the show
Well, this day has come. Here is the last episode of equals 3 (=3) where you can see a small tribute of Ray's image and style through all these 5 years and also a promise that the show may continue with another host who's gonna be found after 2 months casting...Will see.
In any way....Thank you Ray for all these funny times and good luck to all your projects :)

If you want more of Ray check his channels:

=3 Channel
RunawayPlanet (vblog)

Yourfavoritemartian (ex Ray William Jonhson's music group)

Facebook - UrFavoriteMartian (ex Ray William Jonhson's music group)