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Friday, January 10, 2014

The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

1. Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso, Italy

2. Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

3. Abandoned dome houses in Southwest Florida

4. The remains of the SS Ayrfield in Homebush Bay, Australia

5. The abandoned Wonderland Amusement Park outside Beijing, China
 David Gray / Getty Images

6. Fishing hut on a lake in Germany

7. Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay

8. The Kerry Way walking path between Sneem and Kenmare in Ireland

9. Pripyat, Ukraine

10. 15th century monastery in the Black Forest in Germany

11. Kalavantin Durg near Panvel, India

12. The remains of the Pegasus in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

13. Angkor Wat in Cambodia

14. The Maunsell Sea Forts in England

 15. Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England

 16. Częstochowa, Poland’s abandoned train depot

 17. Sunken yacht in Antarctica

18. Abandoned distillery in Barbados

19. Michigan Central Station in Detroit

20. 1984 Winter Olympics bobsleigh track in Sarajevo

21. Craco, Italy

22. Russian military rocket factory

23. Abandoned mill from 1866 in Sorrento, Italy

24. Cooling tower of an abandoned power plant

25. House of the Bulgarian Communist Party
Dimitar Kilkoff / Getty Images

26. Abandoned city of Keelung, Taiwan
27. Lawndale Theater in Chicago

28. North Brother Island near New York City, New York

29. Abandoned Blade Mill, France

30. El Hotel del Salto in Colombia

31. Asuncion, Paraguay
 Jorge Saenz / AP

32. The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

33. Nara Dreamland in Japan

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Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres April 6 at 9PM!

BREAKING: Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres April 6 at 9PM and the first trailer will air this Sunday at 8:58PM ET on HBO before True Detective.

I......can't.....wait....damn it!!! Bring it on!!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

National Geographic - Photo of the day (January 7, 2014)

(click on the image for larger view)
 Photograph by Paul Souders

January 7, 2014
Bearing the Changes

"A polar bear peers up from beneath the melting sea ice on Hudson Bay as the setting midnight sun glows red from the smoke of distant fires during a record-breaking spell of hot weather," writes Paul Souders, who submitted this winning picture to the 2013 National Geographic Photo Contest. "The Manitoba population of polar bears, the southernmost in the world, is particularly threatened by a warming climate and reduced sea ice."

Epic Rap Battles of History! Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali!

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Ray William Johnson will retire Equals Three show this year.

Thats it! The year 2014 brings the end of Equals Three show. Ray William Johnson announced officially in Runaway Thoughts Podcast #51 that sometime in this year he is going to retire the show. He said that as his is getting older, he feel that the show is not mature and enjoyable as before and he needs to move on. 
Too bad but i feel that he is right.....Equals Three show is not as it was the later years....
Good luck on your many projects Ray and thank you for the great times :)